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2018 Year of the Yang Earth Dog
A celebration of the New Year by the ancient Taoist calendar

The Chinese calendar describes the dynamic interplay, often called Five Elements, *that creates the fabric or specific conditions of each passing year, in this case, 2018. This view encompasses the total life picture or what we call the Five Healths, meaning that the same underlying dynamics influence our personal health, social & political life, relationships, finances and the life of the planet.

It is said that the Yang Earth Dog is a double Earth year where both Heavenly and Earthly threads of the 2018 “fabric” are of an Earthy texture. The Dog represents mountains and rocks or earth compacted by pressure. It relates to the time after harvest, when the Fire of life goes in hiding before the beginning of Winter. The Yang Dog is a strong, faithful and righteous guardian who if need be, will fight for the good cause.

2018 will therefore be a strong and vigorous year. There will be good faithful champions with hope and high ideals, ready to defend their turf. There will also be reflection and far reaching inspiration naturally brought about by the mountainous energy of 2018. This will be a good year to ground ourselves, strengthen our physical health and our constructive connection to our planet and reassess our life direction and commitments. Taking walks, hikes and outdoor activity comes to mind. The Dog is a family animal with a strong sense of community and of territory. So in 2018, people will tend to gather in groups, to faithfully help each other and to honor their land.

When any tendency develops to its extreme however, its originally positive influence turns into its opposite. As a double Earth year, there will unfortunately be plenty of excess in 2018. The hidden Fire buried in the Earth creates great pressure that tends to bring unexpected explosions, eruptions, earthquakes, or avalanches. This tendency might be exacerbated in our time of climate challenge.

On the personal health side, the Earth relates to our digestion: we need to take care of our digestive system and avoid excesses, particularly with food. By releasing internal pressure regularly and with appropriate amounts of rest, we will naturally keep our immune system strong and able to resist disease. We should be on the look out for diseases such as cancer and diabetes and also for epidemic outbreaks.

The excess pressure that characterizes a rigidly faithful Dog can also bring about extremist behavior. We may see more national and international conflicts between groups that are unable to negotiate and reach a consensus. Because people will tend to hold on to their bit of turf, territorial conflicts in various fields may arise. However, one usually calms down when given something needed or desired. Some of our upcoming challenges might have to do with maintaining harmony and learning how to resolve smaller conflicts with peaceful compromises in the name of the greater good.

As the Fire goes into hiding, we may see a considerable cooling of the financial markets (a Fire industry), although 2018 may bring good opportunities for long-term investment.

Overall and as always, we should trust that the Fire of life is meant to prevail amongst the turbulence of 2018. As we faithfully keep to the best of ourselves, cultivating peace and contentment in our own center, extending harmony and remaining calm and flexible when meeting an impediment along our path, we should find the 2018 Dog self-strengthening and invigorating.

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