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The Five Healths

A balanced integral approach
A healthy life for our society, our planet and ourselves proceeds from a positive and balanced approach. An integral life of total health can be said to spread in five branches (see Seminars and Programs).

physical Physical Financial Financial Mental Mental Spiritual Spiritual Moral Social

Integral Health

bleu Physical Health – Tangible Sphere of Life
Our body is our vehicle to transport us through life. It needs some basic attention. Properly caring for our body will serve us carrying our life forward. If we neglect regular maintenance, we cannot expect reliable or long lasting benefits. When we feel and think better, we work more effectively and better enjoy, endure and achieve our life’s potential and the development of our higher functions.

As the foundation of integral health, our body is supported by our level of prosperity. It is the repository of the movements of our mental and emotional energy and carries the effects of our social choices and spiritual outlook. Thus, to achieve the best of health and fulfillment, we need to tend to the health of all spheres of integral life development.

Simple ways to cultivate physical health:
♣ Find the appropriate balance of activity and rest.
♣ Address health problems when they are small or just beginning.

For assistance in achieving balanced development of Physical Health, see: Life Coaching.