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The Five Healths

A balanced integral approach
A healthy life for our society, our planet and ourselves proceeds from a positive and balanced approach. An integral life of total health can be said to spread in five branches (see Seminars and Programs).

physical Physical Financial Financial Mental Mental Spiritual Spiritual Moral Social

Integral Health

bleu Financial Health – Prosperity
Money is a form of energy. Therefore the same natural principles of energy management that apply to our personal life can be applied to better our financial health. We need balance, understanding when to expand and when to conserve, promoting the harmonious flow of energy exchange that reflects natural cycles. This results in a fluid approach of short & long-term strategies that allows for renewed growth when conditions are right.

Financial health is an integral part of personal health
We need financial resources in order to maintain our health. To gain financial health, we need the support of our clarity of mind, understanding of relationships, intuition and physical energy. On the other hand, no matter how much our material possession, if we do not have our health or bright spirit, we do not enjoy the fullness of wealth.

Simple ways to cultivate financial health:
♣ Promote recycling. Give so you shall receive.
♣ Practice conservation. Establish sound budgeting.

For assistance in achieving balanced development of Financial Health, see: Life Coaching.