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The Five Healths

A balanced integral approach
A healthy life for our society, our planet and ourselves proceeds from a positive and balanced approach. An integral life of total health can be said to spread in five branches (see Seminars and Programs).

physical Physical Financial Financial Mental Mental Spiritual Spiritual Moral Social

Integral Health

bleu Mental Health – The good servant
The mind works as the harmonizing agent between the physical and spiritual sphere. It receives inner guidance or inspiration and adjusts to physical reality. Our mind needs balanced training and the development of inner discipline to work well. An overly intellectual or overly emotional approach is imbalanced and disconnected from the workable realities of life. An unbalanced mind produces unbalanced results and chaos in our lives. A balanced mind guides us well toward safety and success and protects our body and spirit.

Emotions are energetic manifestations that bridge the mental and physical. Just like the spontaneous flow of emotions in the young need gentle monitoring by elders, our emotions need guidance and containment. In this way emotions give fullness to our lives without overwhelming our intuitive and rational mind.

For our mind to function well, we need to care for our physical body and develop our spiritual sensitivity. The poise that emerges from this unity guides the management of our physical and financial resources and the natural fulfillment of our social relationships.

Simple ways to cultivate the mind:
♣ Keep a journal to process and clarify daily life experience.
♣ Sit or walk, with the mind quietly following the body.

For assistance in achieving balanced development of Mental Health, see: Life Coaching.