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The Five Healths

A balanced integral approach
A healthy life for our society, our planet and ourselves proceeds from a positive and balanced approach. An integral life of total health can be said to spread in five branches (see Seminars and Programs).

physical Physical Financial Financial Mental Mental Spiritual Spiritual Moral Social

Integral Health

bleu Social Health - Fulfilling relationships through natural morality
Natural virtue is the direct expression of the inherent sincerity of Nature. It is the mutually balancing expression of appropriateness, kindness, faithfulness, orderliness and wisdom. Human beings spontaneously recognize the existence of goodness or virtue in their life experience and in another leading to mutual respect as the basis of all constructive relationships.

Cultivating virtuous relationships
Cultivating integral health leads to healthy relationships and the flowering of natural virtue and wisdom. Reflecting Nature’s way of balancing and sustainable movement, we merge with her power to support our physical, financial, mental and spiritual health.

Simple ways to cultivate virtue :
♣ Be dutiful in fulfilling your role, relationship or job; live a life of service.
♣ Be with Nature to directly absorb her teachings of peace and rhythmic productivity.

For assistance in achieving balanced development of Moral Health, see: Life Coaching.