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Natural Law Self & Society Health & Healing Daily Application
On Natural Law On Self & Society On Health & Healing Daily Applications

Natural Law :

Essential oneness
- All people and things and every phenomenon is each composed differently, yet have their origin in indivisible oneness.

Yin / Yang - All phenomena produced from this oneness are relative, complementary, and exist in a dynamic state of change and transformation, or flow.

Recycling - All phenomena follow natural patterns of development and decline, so that all things are in the process of recycling.

Balance - Nothing exists in a vacuum. All phenomena tend to polarize and accomplish each other, thus creating balance.

Moderation - Any extreme tendency will tend to create the opposite extreme. Swinging from one extreme to another creates more stress on a system and leads to shortened existence. Moderate swings are more stable and sustainable.

Universal - The operations of natural law are universal. The same dynamics of change seen in any microcosm can be seen in any macrocosm.