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Natural Law Self & Society Health & Healing Daily Application
On Natural Law On Self & Society On Health & Healing Daily Applications

Self & Society :

- The same dynamics and principles that govern our internal environment and personal health are equally active and applicable in our communal and social environment and our larger natural environment.

Sustainability - Physical development is limited, spiritual development is unlimited. Physical development refers to the growth of each person, the overall population and the use of natural resources. Continued physical expansion is not sustainable. This expansion needs to be moderated with surplus energy redirected towards the development of a healthy mind & spirit, support of equitable world prosperity and improvements in harmonious world culture.

Energy web - No one and no thing exists in isolation. Each being is an energy network within larger and larger networks of responsive energies. Energy on this web moves in all directions, from the smallest sphere to the largest and from the largest to the smallest. To think globally and act locally starts with healing ourselves. Healing ourselves begins with the rediscovery of a constructive relationship with the natural world.

Service - The natural direction of wellness is to expand awareness from one’s inner strength into the energy web, serving others, and caring for our environment.

- Individuals who care for their own internal and external environment and establish self-governing form more stable, healthy families. Healthy families that practice self-responsibility and mutual support produce a more orderly society. A more orderly society that practices balanced and self-sustaining development creates a more harmonious world. A more harmonious world better supports the health of all.