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Natural Law Self & Society Health & Healing Daily Application
On Natural Law On Self & Society On Health & Healing Daily Applications

Health & Healing :

Healing Power - The latent healing power of each person is the most important component of health. The constructive internal direction of each person is key to his or her healing power.

Flow - Health and happiness are found in the dynamic unfolding of a constructive life. An extreme event or life pattern, exaggerated needs and emotions as well as over-attachment to an idea, possession or concept all interrupt the harmonious flow of life and undermine our well being.

Moderation - of extremes promotes a harmonious flow, conserves energy and supports longevity. Anything done to excess becomes a burden.

Integral nature - The spiritual, mental and physical spheres of life are fundamentally integrated. Going against our inherent moral sense and spiritual insight creates blockage and tension that separates us from the source of life and inevitably manifests in lessened physical health and happiness. On the other hand, neglecting and mistreating the natural realities of the physical sphere inevitably ruins the potential of the mental and spiritual dimensions (see also The Five Healths).

Unity - An integral approach recognizes the intrinsic unity of the means and the ends on the path of total health.