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Natural Law Self & Society Health & Healing Daily Application
On Natural Law On Self & Society On Health & Healing Daily Applications

Daily Application :

Diet - A balanced, flexible diet providing the nutrition for our unique constitution and circumstances. Eat and share according to need, taking neither too much nor too little (see Seminars & Programs / Taste for Health).

Lifestyle – To balance our needs of rest and activity, to achieve appropriate natural fulfillment of intimacy, family, community and service, and to be constructive in adapting to change.

Healing – to place primary reliance on conservative, natural healing methods & natural substances and to treat problems when they are small or just beginning. To keep invasive, aggressive and more energetically costly methods in reserve. To be a healing force in our lives and in all life around us.

Environment – promoting and maintaining a healthy environment in our minds & bodies as well as in the physical & cultural landscape around us.

Cleansing – regularly ridding ourselves of toxic elements in our diet and environment and reducing the effects of overly strong or enduring emotions or trauma. Not being the source of physical toxins to our environment or emotional toxins in people’s lives (see Seminars & Programs / Cleansing & Detoxification).