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Acupuncture & related therapy

Gan Cao - Resource for links on acupuncture, herbology & related subjects :

European Journal of Oriental Medicine :

Acupuncture Today - US Acupuncture newsletter :

US acupuncture information service :

General health advice from experienced acupuncturist :

Center for Health and Healing - acupuncture clinical studies :

Institute for TCM (ITM - acupuncture & herbal medicine articles :

Journal of Chinese Medicine, UK :

Journal of Alternative Therapies :

TCM - Swiss professional acupuncture organization :
(Deutch) / (Français)

Foundation ASCA - Swiss alternative medicine certification :

Registre de Médecine Empirique, RME - Swiss alternative medicine certification :

Groupe d'Ètude et de Recherche en Acupuncture (en français) :

Méridiens - les nouvelles (en français) :

Yo San University - masters degree & seminars in TCM, Los Angeles, USA

Qigong & healthy living

College of Tao & Integral Health - courses, programs & retreats

Wellness Living Store - books, herbs, audio-visual & distance learning materials

Infinichi - Qigong, coaching & self-development program, on-line Five Element quiz

Qigong Institute - abstracts on Qigong & energy medicine

Learning Strategies - scientific studies on Qigong

Ken Cohen, Qigong author & teacher

Michael Pollan on Food

Teachers & Practitioners

Urs Bitzi - classes & study groups in Zurich & Dagmersellen

Tao of Wellness - TCM clinic, classes & seminars in Santa Monica, CA

Longevity Center - qigong therapy, USA

Frank & Micki Iborra - TCM clinic, classes in Asheville, NC

Pharmacy sources of our herbal medicines

Lian ChinaHerb, Switzerland

Sinolux, Luxembourg

Pharmacie Noyer, Switzerland

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