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Herbal & dietary therapy

Chinese herbal medicine
The main part of the traditional medicine of China and the Orient is the art and science of using natural substances for nutritional or medicinal purposes. Herbs are used to nourish and strengthen the body tissues and organs, clear away toxic elements and pathological accumulations, promote healing and re-growth, reduce fever and swelling, control bleeding and regulate the metabolic, nervous, circulatory, respiratory and hormonal systems as needed.

How it works
Thousands of years of accumulated experience have gone into understanding how to combine herbs to safely extract their beneficial powers and minimize any potential side effects. How to combine herbs into formulas and personalize them encompassing an integrated understanding of the whole environment that produces health or disease is a major distinction of TCM. An herbalist may recommend a formula of 6-20 different herbs to be taken as a tea, pill, powder, capsule, poultice or tincture for each client's age, gender, constitution and specific health or energy condition at the time of each visit. Therefore, two different persons both suffering the same medical disease might receive two different formulas. This is because they manifest two different TCM conditions or states of energetic imbalance. This refers to the stage of disease, the relative strength of one’s immunity, related stress factors, effects of other long-standing conditions on body functions and tissues are all considered as part of the complete assessment picture determining the nature and composition of the recommended formulation. We also take into account the combined effects of other allopathic or natural medications already prescribed. This ensures a safer and more appropriate medicine for each individual, more likely to bring positive outcomes and less likely to result in undesirable side-effects.

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Dietary therapy
We offer comprehensive TCM nutritional guidance that can be used for constitutional support or incorporated into various therapeutic protocols. For over 2,000 years the Chinese have used a unique system of understanding how food intake can be an integral part of the healing process, providing simple and inexpensive ways to influence health positively. Modern nutritional research has confirmed more and more aspects of this ancient knowledge in recent years. This flexible model of nutrition gives us a practical baseline to understand the variety of dietary information available today. According to TCM, foods, just like herbs, manifest specific energetic qualities that can be used to rectify various health problems or maintain high vitality.

With recent or acute conditions, we may give advice on dietary protocols to follow with the duration of symptoms. When you come for a general health consultation, have chronic, recalcitrant health problems or want to optimize your energy, it is very useful to understand more fully what foods and dietary habits can contribute to achieving your goals. In these circumstances, we produce a therapeutic dietary report outlining general principles applied to your constitution & health condition. This report lists important foods to avoid that aggravate your problems and notes recommended foods and food types that support your special needs.

See Tao of Nutrition, workshop series on Chinese dietary therapy.

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