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Complete natural health care services
AcuCentre offers integral health care from traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We use a variety of tools to provide direct and immediate intervention to interrupt a disease process and reawaken the path to healing. Our efforts primarily support your own self-healing energy. Once unblocked, supported or adjusted, your own internal nature corrects the problem itself. We balance your internal energy with Acupuncture & bodywork, Herbs & dietary therapy or Qigong Therapy.

We have particular expertise and experience in the areas of women's health, fertility, menopause, problems of the immune system, gastro-intestinal complaints, weight loss, stress, burn-out, depression, neurological problems, acute or chronic back, muscle & joint pains. See: Conditions for Acupuncture

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Chi Rivers & AcuCentre

Building healthy habits - tools for longevity
In the long run, having healthy habits of diet, exercise, and lifestyle and learning about and caring for your body is the most important investment you can make in creating a healthy life. We especially invite you to take some time in your busy life to learn more (see Classes & Activities). Your learning will provide tools of self-care that become life-long friends, always available to listen and support your good energy.

The general leads the troops
When fighting the war against disease, the armies of your immune system and your other troops need guidance. It is your wise leadership that is always the greatest weapon for ultimate victory. Guidance and support from Life Coaching can help you dissolve emotional clouds and confusion and reestablish clarity, natural intuition and decisiveness.

Creating an environment to support health
Your external environment at home or at work forms the energy system around you. It can be destructive and contribute to your disease condition or it can be supportive of your efforts to restore health. Feng Shui or geobiology can rebalance the external, environmental energy in much the same way acupuncture works on your body.