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Qigong movement Teacher Certification

To become a certified teacher of a Qigong or Tai Chi form (see Qigong classes), follow the simple six steps outlined below. This process is administered by Chi Health Institute (CHI), non-profit organization that certifies the Qi movement arts of the College of Tao. The time it takes to complete each of the steps will, of course, vary depending on your background, experience, and abilities.

Step 1 – Learn the Form
By classes, workshops, private lessons, books & DVDs

Step 2 – Refine the Form
By classes, workshops, private lessons, books & DVDs

Step 3 – Take a CHI-approved Instructor Training Intensive

Offered by a Senior Instructor in the requisite form

Step 4 – Pass the Practical Exam

Offered by a Senior Instructor.  Upon passing the exam, the Senior Instructor sends a confirmation letter to CHI.

Step 5 – Pass the Written Exam (not yet required)

These exams will be administered on line.

Step 6 – Complete the Application & Pay the Fees

Applications can be downloaded from C.H.I.

Steps 1 - 4 are available for most of the Qi movement forms offered by Chi Rivers.  For forms not available locally or for those without access to Senior Instructors, completion of steps 3 & 4 can be made by submitting a DVD of your form for evaluation.

yin yang
Once certified, your registration as an instructor of Qi movement arts with CHI is renewable yearly upon payment of a small fee. A certified instructor can teach, participate in the continuing education programs for CHI instructors and use teaching materials provided by College of Tao / Chi Health Institute  

I enjoyed learning more about the 8 treasures and sharing with
the rest of the group. Thanks also for clarifying some of my questions.
I'm trying to get a better understanding of the big picture.
Thanks for your guidance and support on this journey. - AM