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The Consturctive Life Learning Center at Chi Rivers specializes in Qigong and meditative arts aimed to assist each person’s natural healing powers and constructive self-development. We offer Qigong classes and seminars containing practical tools of self-management. We encourage development with professional certification programs in Qigong movement and Qigong therapy and continuing education in Chinese medicine and assist individuals through coaching as well as sponsoring seasonal celebrations and other group events.

See AcuCentre, Constructive Life Healing Center for direct therapeutic assistance for your internal health and Feng Shui for assistance in improving the health and good support of your environment.

Lifelong learning for renewal
Human life is a path with the potential for on-going renewal. The aim of our teaching is to support each person’s integral development to promote all of the Five Healths (see: Change yourself, change your life). We teach a philosophical and practical foundation that nurtures our connection with the natural world to improve fundamental life skills and encourage service, leadership and open spiritual development.

Check our current schedule for offerings now available. A group may also request a particular seminar, program or course upon arrangements with Chi Rivers. Contact us for more details.  

I feel just fine and very fresh in my head and heart too.
I have started to do the exercises every morning first thing
and hope to keep on for a long time.
I also do the breathing exercise.
Now it works better and the energy adds up. - DE