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ChiRivers and Infinichi present

August 30 - September 2, 2018
28 hours, CEU: RME, ASCA

with Dr. Mao Shing Ni
Angi-aging specialist, best selling author & master coach



What is Feng Shui?

As an ensemble of practical systems organizing harmonious dwelling in the diverse areas offered by the land, Feng (wind) Shui (water) metaphorically refers to the movements of Qi on the earth. Knowing about the movements of the wind and the water currents, we can balance our vessel, adjust our sail, and navigate safely toward our destination.

The origins of Feng Shui go back to pre-historical times. Feng Shui refers to all ancient knowledge of the land and locations gathered in the Far East by people who immersed themselves in nature. The science of Classical Feng Shui directly stems from the I Ching or Book of Changes.

Feng Shui for Health works on supporting our total health: physical and financial, mental and spiritual as well as social. It is based on a harmonious and constructive relationship with our environment, using all the good natural resources available. How we relate to our environment has obvious features such as how we orient ourselves in relationship to the sunlight, and subtler levels pertaining to the particular flow of Qi in the space around us

About this Workshop

In-depth learning from a 38th generation Chinese medical expert includes:

  • Practical exploration in a dynamic interactive environment
  • Feng Shui for good health of body, mind, relationships, finances and life direction
  • Easily applicable tools to add to your professional skills
  • Special Qigong and meditation practices

A unique and enjoyable program for anyone interested in the dynamics of the environment and our health, and for those who would like to add to their professional skill set (energy healers, TCM practitioners as well as realtors, building and landscape architects, interior designers, etc.).

Dr Mao’s experience & know-how allows him to present in-depth material in a user-friendly form without involving complicated calculations. Instead, the interaction between the five Feng Shui elements provide practical strategies aimed to create a space that allows chi to flow optimally to support each person.

Main Topics

Feng Shui principles will be applied to support:

  • Health and longevity
  • Peace & wisdom and a healthy mind
  • Love, happiness & healthy relationships
  • Abundance, prosperity and good financial management
  • A healthy life direction, career & success.


Sometimes life can leave you feeling uneasy, at a loss, overwhelmed or disappointed, as if your power had been given away.

If you want to regain or strengthen your center and clarity of direction, it is time to apply a little Feng Shui just right, to bring out the healthy, calm and centered individual that you are. This ancient Chinese science and art of placement reflects the philosophy that life-force energy, known as "chi", influences your outer surroundings and has a powerful impact on your lifestyle, diet, mental attitude and spiritual disposition. Feng Shui, just like Taoist traditional medicine, divides the world into five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have an area of your life that doesn't feel quiet right, Feng Shui will try to harmonize the elements to make it more effortless. In this comprehensive series, Dr. Mao will share his modern take on this ancient concept. You will learn his easy steps to connect your mind, body, spirit, and your surrounding space all-together for a healthy and abundant life.

Concepts and tools

  • Feng Shui and Five Healths - Nature's Building Blocks for Residential and Business
  • Balancing Polarities of Five Elements - Productive Cycle / Destructive Cycle
  • Environmental Psychology - Extend Health, Longevity and Enhance Life Aspiration Areas
  • The Bagua Map - Working with Architecture Design, Floor Plans and Creating Balanced Environments
  • Principles & Tools - Exterior and Interior Principles, Healthy Electro-Magnetic Fields and Class Workbook
  • Modifying Energy Flow - Release Toxicity, Space Clearing, Space Energizing
  • Core Element Support - Color Applications, Interior Design, Tips and Techniques
  • Feng Shui Healing - Making Your Space Work for You to Optimize Your Life
  • Professional Tools - Tips for conducting a Feng Shui consultation



Five Healths Feng Shui Intensive
Location: Château de Bossey, Geneva
Dates: Thurs evening, Aug 30 - Sun afternoon, Sep 2
Price: CHF 765.- (includes meals, lodging is additional)
Early bird registration: CHF 665.- (payment by June 21, 2018)

We make your reservation; you pay Château Bossey directly (cash, Visa, MC) on arrival

Room options Breakfast & Bath Price/room
Twin room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Shared bath
CHF 112.- / night / 2 participants
3 nights = CHF 336.- / 2 participants
Twin room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Private bath
CHF 162.- / night / 2 participants
3 nights = CHF 486.- / 2 participants
Single room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Shared bath
CHF 79.- / night / 1 participant
3 nights = CHF 237.- / 1 participant
Single room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Private bath
CHF 129.- / night / 1 participant
3 nights = CHF 387.- / 1 participant


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