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Learning Qigong

Learning Qigong

To embark on learning Qigong is to enter a path of empowering self-discovery. One takes leadership of one's life and gains direct ability to revitalize, relax, and restore one’s natural energies, establishing an inner environment that greatly enhances our health, success and enjoyment in life.

What is Qigong?
Qigong, or energy work, is the skill of cultivating Qi (see: What is Qi?). It provides physical development while integrating mind, breath and spirit. The result is energetic self-management achieved through a wide variety of movement arts & meditations connected with the natural world. Chi Rivers teaches Qigong practices over a wide range of applications & levels tailored to fit individual needs.

  • You put me on a very helpful path. Qigong was very important in my recovery. I have a better grip on myself.
  • I have been feeling well & energized like a total-body massage, a waking up feeling.
  • The first time I did Qigong in preparation for tennis, I noticed a dramatic change, I played differently, I was using my mind more; it was striking.
  • I feel just fine and very fresh in my head and heart. I am grateful for all your patient teaching.

The practices that we offer are part of the Integral Way tradition, a spiritual heritage from ancient China known for preserving and distilling essential wisdom now being carried on by the College of Tao and its mentors & teachers.

Benefits of Qigong
Qigong practice has helped many to turn around their health and achieve a vibrant, long life. Documented research has shown that consistent Qigong practice can alleviate or even eliminate a variety of problems including stress-related issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, ulcers, tuberculosis and heart disease. It fosters inner peace, supports strong immunity and stamina, builds integral muscle strength and maintains the health of our bones & joints.

  • Build coordinated strength
  • Lessen stress & tension
  • Dissolve emotional blocks
  • Improve flexibility & balance of mind & body
  • Find stability & self-confidence
  • Heighten mental functions & boost memory
  • Balance hormones & promote longevity
  • Relieve minor aches & pains
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Benefit work capacity & stress resistance
  • Develop greater intuitive capacity
  • Encourage a deeper enjoyment of life

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