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Fundamental Qigong Forms

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Eight Treasures Qigong

Eight Treasures QigongThe old masters' 32 movement form for energy up-liftment
This uniquely effective set of movements constitutes an in-depth energy workout designed to remove energy blockages, open the eight extraordinary channels and to enhance both physical stamina and energy flow throughout the body. It benefits all muscles and joints, internal organs and systems through a series of slow, standing movements and is particularly well suited for young and middle aged people without serious physical limitations or for anyone with previous physical training. Enjoying regular practice of Eight Treasures lays a firm foundation for a long and healthy life. This specific form, Pa Kun Dao-In, is a fundamental method of the Taoist spiritual path of complete development & achievement. Taught in Three Levels. For more on the Eight Treasures, Click Here. For current classes, see Schedule.


Dao-In, Chinese YogaPrimal self-attunement, moving with Universal Vitality
An ancient predecesssor of all later Qigong practice, Dao-In is a system of energy adjustment practices that include sitting, lying, twisting and stretching exercise (some looking similar to Hatha Yoga), self-massage and meditation. It can be adapted for people of all ages and health conditions and can be performed during short breaks at work or in longer times of dedicated focus. Thus, it can be a useful, friendly, life-long tool to care for our muscles, joints, mind & emotions with deep potential for personal refinement. It counterbalances very well a life of intellectual work and is excellent to support and complement any practice of sitting meditation. For current classes, see Schedule.

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Crane Style Qigong

Crane Style QigongOpening the wings of wellness
Our physical health & wellbeing are the result of our internal energy. This powerful qigong teaches us how to activate and harmonize our subtle internal energy with the environment through a a step-by-step standing movement meditation focusing directly on breathing & internal Qi circulation. This gentle style is excellent for stress-release, Qi refinement, and to increase both lung capacity and self-healing power that will greatly benefit all practitioners at any level. Crane Style Qigong is a physically less demanding form, requiring mostly a steady quiet focus to learn and perform making it well suited for someone with a physical limitation, recovering from illness or for seniors. A Single Level of six sections. For current classes, see Schedule.

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I feel that the 8 Treasures helps me a lot in my daily life and also spreads out to my students. Thank you and Peter for bringing the Eight Treasures
to this side of the ocean! - VE


Tai Chi & Advanced Forms
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Harmony Style Tai Chi  
Harmony Style Tai Chi – Harmony Style Tai Chi is a Taoist distillation of the popular Yang, Chen and Wu styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Harmony Tai Chi embodies the same natural principles found in the Tao Teh Ching.  Among its many benefits, the gently circular movement of Tai Chi deeply activates Qi and blood circulation in all joints, enhances balance and equilibrium and gathers energy. The harmonious dance of Tai Chi is known for its ability to reduce stress promoting smoothness, deep calm and poise in handling all life situations. Harmony Tai Chi teaches us how to preserve a safe, personal space by recycling one's energy and harmonizing conflict; deflecting negativity and welcoming positive energy. Tai Chi is an excellent study for performers, teachers, leaders and health care givers or anyone interested in discovering a gentle, self-strengthening way of moving with life. Taught in four levels.

Harmony Tai Chi is like the rhythmic dance of the four seasons - sprouting, expanding, harvesting and returning to the root - a dance that endlessly renews itself. - Dr Maoshing Ni

Level one - 18 Step Harmony Tai Chi- In this class we learn a short, easy to learn, non-martial Tai Chi form. We will explore each movement thru repetitive patterns, discovering the principles embodied in each step. Our explorations will include working in pairs and as a group to learn how each movement becomes a subtle behavioral model we can apply in daily life. Prior experience with Qigong or other Tai Chi forms is welcome.

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Tai Chi Sword – This Taoist form is a tool for personal transformation to cut away all negativity in our path. One goal of practice is to purify our intent, extending our energy with the sword, as it becomes a symbol of our indestructible spirit and an instrument for peace. Taught in two levels.

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Cosmic Tour Ba Gua

Cosmic Tour Ba Gua – Circularity is the basic movement of all natural systems. Realizing the value of circularity, we develop the maturity to move around problems, avoid friction and keep our productive momentum. With Cosmic Tour Ba Gua, we discover the dynamic momentum of circular walking which becomes a spiraling dance uniting with different aspects of natural energy. As we walk, we apply a special body language of shifting postures and changing directions to extend from physical to spiritual nature. It is very energizing and brings delight in the free, expansive circular movement that mimics the stars and planets. Recent tests in China have showed that Cosmic Tour Ba Gua is outstanding to benefit healing, rehabilitation, promote health maintenance and to prevent disease.  Taught in nine levels.

Merry-Go-Round – This first level, simplified version of the Cosmic Tour can be learned by anyone in a very short time. Merry-Go-Round is ideal for outdoor practice.

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Meditation & Special Focus Qigong Methods

Taoist Meditation

Taoist Meditation
In the same way that alternating times of activity and rest support our daily life, meditation and gentle movement (Eight Treasures or Tai Chi for example) mutually enrich each other for better results. There is a multitude of different meditation methods. All these Taoist meditation styles, from deep breathing to visualization, whether sitting, standing, lying down or walking, are rooted in the essential practice of inner quietude. We achieve quiet through a step-by-step process to settle superficial mental activity, deepen breathing function, balance internal energies and unite body, mind & spirit. A Taoist meditation class will be tailored to a particular context and will usually explore only one or two methods of meditation at a time, in order to keep focus on the simplicity of inner quietude. For more on meditation, see also: Eight Treasusres, Dao-In, Crane Qigong & Seasonal Events.

Qigong for Back Pain
New, three part course, two sessions each - individualized instruction for in-depth learning.
. . . read more

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It's like a total body massage, a waking up feeling.
The first time I did a Qigong warm-up in preparation for my weekly tennis game, I noticed a dramatic change: I started to play differently.
I was using my mind more. It was striking. - FL

Self-Healing Qigong

Self-Healing Qigong – is a series of specific, simple meditative forms that target the health of each of the primary organ systems in traditional Chinese medicine (Wood: Liver, Gall Bladder & nervous system; Fire: Heart & cardiovascular system; Earth: digestive & lymphatic system; Metal: Lungs, respiratory & excretion systems; Water: Kidneys, hormonal, genito-urinary & skeletal systems). Each utilizes the understanding of acupuncture points and channels to trigger the appropriate therapeutic response. They are mostly practiced individually to focus special attention on an area of need. For more on Self Healing Qigong, Click Here.

We utilize many Qigong & meditation methods appropriate for different individuals and circumstances including: I Chuan, Six Healing Sounds, Five Healing Clouds, Marrow Washing, Microcosmic & Macrocosmic Orbit meditation, Sun Salutation practice and various other Walking, Sitting and Lying down cultivation methods.

See Current Schedule for all class dates & times.
For a personally tailored Qigong program, see: Qigong Therapy.

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