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Promoting the Five Healths: Ultimate Body, Mind and Spirit Health
This program is helpful to anyone interested in personal development and optimum health or facing a life change. It provides a comprehensive approach to living a meaningful life in a series covering each of the following five areas in your life: physical, mind, relationship, career, and finance. Each section provides a step-by-step process and interactive, enjoyable and thought-provoking experience --> Learn more

Life Coaching Certification
Drawing from over 30 years of clinical and life coaching experience and the 5,000-year-old tradition of Chinese medicine, this coaching programs is designed to help you improve your life and help others through a dynamic system of personal transformational coaching. This is a unique opportunity to apply Five Element psychology and work on counseling skills following the direct inspiration of a 38th generation healer and teacher.
--> Learn more

Five Healths Feng Shui
A unique program for anyone interested in the dynamics of the environment and our health and for those who would like to add to their professional skill set (whether they are acupuncturists, energy healers and counselors, or realtors, building and lanscape architects, interior designers, etc.).
--> Learn more

Spice up your long life! Anti-inflammatory, Cleansing, Metabolism, Digestion, and Sexual Health Spice Blends
Wouldn't be great if you could simultaneously enrich the flavor of a dish while also improving its health benefits. Herbs and spices do just that. Learn, taste and take home samples of five terrific-tasting, longevity-enhancing spice blends.
--> Learn more

New Year Ritual: 2018 Year of the Earth Dog
Come to learn what to expect from the 2018 Dog and join in a meditative ritual to renew and enrich body, mind & spirit and a potluck feast (bring some healthy, vegetarian food you would like to share to start-up the new cycle). --> Learn more



This is a list of past seminars and program offerings. Click on each program for upcoming teaching dates (coming soon)

Cleansing and Detoxification
Accumulated toxins from an improper diet, environmental pollution and our own unresolved emotions or negative behavior can rob our vitality and lead to disease.  By learning more about the sources and process of toxic buildup and practical ways to cleanse these elements, we can revive our health and transform our life. We will look, feel and act years younger. This program includes the supervised use of diet, herbs, and exercise, and a concentrated application of natural therapies personally tailored to each participant. We will study how to avoid and cleanse toxins from our body and learn several general methods and specific acupressure techniques to dissolve emotional buildup cleanse our soul and revitalize our spirit. Click here for upcoming dates on the Detoxification program.

Nature as Teacher
Natural energy is continuously present in our lives. In this workshop, we learn Qigong meditative techniques that helps us to draw support from the energy of our surroundings, such as the sun, the mountains, flowers, a tree, or a lake. Each of these natural elements has a personality or energy quality that we can learn from. Experiencing this energy directly, Nature becomes our personal teacher and we tap into a clean, free, and sustainable energy grid. Learn more about Natural Law,Qigong Classes and Meditation.

Tao of Nutrition (to be scheduled in 2019)
This is a three-part series that presents all the essentials of Eastern nutrition. These workshops teach the principles of a healthy way of eating according to traditional Chinese medicine and modern nutritional science. Topics include: the mind and emotions in relationship to food and food cravings; what gives food its nutritive quality and what is a truly balanced diet; eating & sharing – the social culture and climate of food; and the Tao of digestion - a primer on digestive self-care. You will learn how to naturally adjust your diet with the seasons of the year as well as your own internal changes.

Part I. A Taste for Health
Part II. The Energetics of Food
Part III. Chinese Nutritional Analysis

Flow of Life
This program focuses on key transitional points in a woman's life journey as an opportunity for each to uncover her innate potential. Nature becomes our guide and inspiration for support with tools that promote a creative & fulfilling life. Each of these three one-day workshops is targeted for women who understand the value of investing in self-development & self-care.

Part I. Healing & harmonizing with the cyclical rhythms of our reproductive force
Part II. Cultivating Fertility: enlisting the support of nature to welcome new life
Part III. Second spring: the natural guide to menopause and life transitions.

Seasonal events
Key points during the energy cycle of the year, such as the energetic New Year and each Solstice and Equinox are valuable opportunities for group rituals supporting personal renewal, building community and healing our connection with nature.

Seasonal Events


Some feedback about our workshops:

"I profited so much thanks to your perfectly organized workshop and even
more to your deep knowledge of the exercises and the philosophy." - VD

"You arranged a very well diversified weekend.
It was a great experience." - SP


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