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I profited so much thanks to your perfectly organized workshop and even
more to your deep knowledge of the exercises and the philosophy. - VD

The Five Healths


Change yourself, change your life
Promoting the Five Healths with Dr Mao Shing Ni
A 30 hour immersion, July 27 - 30, 2017 in Geneva
(CEU - ASCA certified)
The balanced growth of the roots, trunk, branches, leaves and flowers of a tree expresses the value of integral development. In this seminar, we apply principles of balance to our physical, financial, mental, ethical and spiritual health. We learn guidelines, practical tools and special practices that can be applied daily to improve ourselves in each of the five branches of our total health. This is an introduction to the Path of Constructive Life, an adaptation of ancient natural teaching that provides a step-by-step process of discovery, construction and cultivation of human capability (For all the workshop details, see: Change yourself, change your life & learn more about the Five Healths).




You arranged a very well diversified weekend.
It was a great experience. - SP


Cleansing & Detoxification

Cleansing & Detoxification – Accumulated toxins from an improper diet, environmental pollution and our own unresolved emotions or negative behavior can rob our vitality and lead to disease.  By learning more about the sources and process of toxic buildup and practical ways to cleanse these elements, we can revive our health and transform our life. We will look, feel and act years younger. This program includes the supervised use of diet, herbs, and exercise, and a concentrated application of natural therapies personally tailored to each participant. We will study how to avoid and cleanse toxins from our body and learn several general methods and specific acupressure techniques to dissolve emotional buildup cleanse our soul and revitalize our spirit (see also Principles / Daily Application). Click here for upcoming Detoxification program.

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Nature as Teacher

Nature as Teacher – Natural energy is continuously present in our lives. In this workshop, we learn Qigong meditative techniques that helps us to draw support from the energy of our surroundings, such as the sun, the mountains, flowers, a tree, or a lake. Each of these natural elements has a personality or energy quality that we can learn from. Experiencing this energy directly, Nature becomes our personal teacher and we tap into a clean, free, and sustainable energy grid (see also Principles / Natural Law & Qigong Classes / Meditation).

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Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events - Key points during the energy cycle of the year, such as the energetic New Year and each Solstice & Equinox are valuable opportunities for group rituals supporting personal renewal, building community and healing our connection with nature.

For a complete list of current classes, see Schedule

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