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Continuing education program in traditional Chinese medicine

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Going deeper - by integrating knowledge with experience
Our goal is to open access to advanced levels of proficiency in the healing arts. Quite often, more proficiency mostly means a deeper grasp of the material. In our courses, we present learning in key areas of traditional Chinese medicine and we take the time for a practical, step-by-step approach allowing each participant’s experience to lead the way to new understanding for a well integrated learning experience. In this way the practitioner develops their own internal guidance system to help her or him effectively benefit from the many sources of information (books, teachers, etc/) and relate to the energies underlying each patient. Our courses are carefully organized using various teaching aids including hand-outs, audio-visual materials and textbooks that we regularly adapt according to the needs of the participants.

Becoming an instrument of healing
Through Qi, the therapist works internally and externally to awaken the patient’s own power of healing. We therefore emphasize Qigong training and developing a balanced lifestyle for the practitioner so their health is strong, their minds & hands sensitive and their life a source of harmonious and sustainable energy.

We are fully certified with ASCA as a school of TCM continuing education.
Faculty bio, see Staff; for Tuina, see Ayun-Terapia

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Program of upcoming 2018 courses:

Traditional Chinese Massage:
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For a complete list of current classes, see Schedule

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Tao of Nutrition
A three-part series presenting all the essentials of Eastern nutrition

Part I - A Taste for Health
An interactive workshop to discover the Qi of food
2019 - exact dates to be scheduled

This workshop introduces us to a beneficial way of eating according ancient Taoist principles and modern nutritional science. A good meal takes preparation, sharing & clean up: in this workshop, we clarify our goals and learn the basics of a balanced way of eating, share our stories with food & eating and clean-up the blockages that keep us from choosing a life-fulfilling path of healthy food. We will explore taste-testing to develop our internal laboratory of food analysis, examine the basic qualities of the food groups and learn various methods to help construct a balanced diet.

Topics include:
Care & maintenance of the digestive system.
Qigong & self-massage to promote digestion.
How the mind & emotions affect our relationship to food and food cravings.
How the social culture and eating environment affect our digestion.
What gives food its nutritive quality?
What are the principles of a balanced diet in taste, color, food type & pH balance?
Why are some substances particularly detrimental to our health?
The Five Elements of Food - How to adjust our diet according to our constitutional type.

Part II - The energetics of Food
2019 - exact dates to be scheduled

We will review each food group’s energetic profile according to tenets of Chinese & western medicine; Analyze nearly 100 common foods according to their traditional energy (taste, temperature, entering channels) & therapeutic functions & indications with illustrative highlights from bio-medical nutritional science; Introduce selected Chinese food-herbs, (ancient super-foods) showing how they can be utilized to extend dietary therapy. Pre-requisite: Tao of Nutrition Part I or equivalent.

Other topics include:
Adjusting diet based on the seasons, age, gender or lifestyle.
What are some especially damaging & beneficial foods that effect our health & longevity?
Key health properties of many common foods & selected herb-foods.

Part III - Chinese Nutritional Analysis
2019 - exact dates to be scheduled

This workshop teaches how to assemble dietary programs from the clinical perspective of Oriental medical diagnosis. We review common foods, food-herbs & supplements, organizing them into functional groups (ex: Foods that regulate the flow of Qi), and then, along with analysis of food preparation methods & other eating habits, discuss what would most aggravate or benefit each condition. This results in a well-constructed plan for individual patients to assist in improving their constitutional imbalances or aid their recuperation from any disease. Pre-requisite: Tao of Nutrition Part I & II, or equivalent.

Who can benefit from this certified Nutritional program?

For any professional therapist, especially with knowledge of Oriental medical diagnosis to assist their patients with healing dietary plans for all disease conditions.

CHF 1200.- / complete 36-hr certification program (CEU - ASCA certified)
Location: Chi Rivers, Geneva
Staff: taught by Claire C & Peter Francis Cunneen
To register: Click here or by phone : 022 347 7588

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You have been such an inspiration to me
as a teacher, a healer, a colleague and a friend.
Thank you for your support and guidance. - LB

TCM Auriculo-therapy, CEU - ASCA & SBO-TCM (10% discount for members)
All you need to practice with a refined & proven methodology
This workshop aims at providing the health professional and particularly the acupuncturist with a supplemental, convenient and simplified venue for gaining diagnostic & therapeutic results. Auricular therapy, including massage, acupuncture, and embedding of therapeutic devices in the ear ("press-tack" needles, seeds, or magnets), is excellent for ease of application & simplified management. Auricular therapy can be applied to persons confined to wheelchairs, for emergency first aid with minor accidents, during continued patient activity such as for the purposes of combining other physical therapies (massage, stretching, etc). It also contributes to confirm or focus the diagnostic protocol with easily appreciated visual, palpable or electrical evidence. This weekend provides all you need to practice using a refined & proven methodology of incremental learning that progresses by alternating practical discovery with introduction of new material.

To be scheduled: Fall, 2018
Hours: Fri: 18h30-21h, Sa/Sun: 9h00 - 16h30, 16 hrs: CHF 480.- / pre-registration required
Location: Chi Rivers, Geneva
Staff: taught by Peter Francis Cunneen
To register: Click here or by phone : 022 347 7588

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Scalp Acupuncture, CEU – ASCA & SBO-TCM (10% discount for members)
Treatment of choice for acute neuerological conditions
In this workshop we will learn the Scalp acupuncture system developed by Professor Zhu, Mingqing. An accessible microsystem that works through the central nervous system, it is the TCM method of choice, yielding exceptional therapeutic results, for acute neurological problems of pain & paralysis. A comfortable technique for the patient, it offers great potential for extensive manipulation and concurrent use of additional therapies (movement, massage, manipulation), to multiply the therapeutic effect.

Not currently scheduled
Hours: pre-registration required
Location: Chi Rivers, Geneva
Staff: taught by Peter Francis Cunneen
To register: Click here or by phone : 022 347 7588

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The Pulse in Chinese medicine (ASCA certified)
A practical approach

Not currently scheduled
On Saturday we will synthesize historical theories, clarify methodology of pulse reading and provide the basis for a reliable life-long pulse study. Sunday will be spent entirely on practice with supervised pulse reading between each participant and real-time experiments in pulse changes (using acupuncture, Qigong imagery, etc). We will also learn short exercise & meditative practices that aid and illuminate pulse work. Not limiting ourselves to the 28 traditional pulses, we seek to help practitioners refine their diagnosis skills in developing a direct channel of communication to their patients’ internal energy condition. Continuing students (2013 or 2014) are welcome to repeat the whole weekend (at a discount of CHF 320) or join us for the Sunday practice session only (CHF 180).

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Traditional Chinese Massage - Tuina
A co-production with Ayun-Terapia (ASCA certified)

Massage course series taught in French by Christian Palma Allende. Limited to 8 students for personalized learning. See: Ayun-Terapia or call: 079 534 9025 for registration & complete program details.

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Qigong & Self-cultivation
Our courses & seminars in Qigong (see: Current Schedule) provide therapists with a solid base of self-support that makes them more effective in their interactions with patients and better able to perform their therapeutic techniques.

Therapists who choose our weekly Qigong courses as continuing education must take a minimum of twenty hours per year (or the equivalent). This level of comittment allows them to prepare for the College of Tao / Chi Health teacher certification programs.

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