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Winter spring classes  

Healthy living:

Qigong for back pain (CEU - ASCA)
Strengthen your core, relieve pain & tension & promote natural posture
Specially selected Qi exercises designed to ease back pain & tension, build abdominal muscles, strengthen spinal alignment and improve circulation through stretching, toning, restructuring, meditation & imagery. Each student receives one-on-one hands-on instruction to renew their innate postural integrity to support a healthy back and strong body structure. Limited space to work in-depth - register early.

Current research confirms ancient wisdom on a building a healthy, pain-free back:

  • Calm your mind - improves pain threshold & facilitates orderly healing response. How you think about your condition can moderate signals that control pain. Deep meditation can release endorphins, natural pain-killers.
  • Improve posture – spreads back support across the integrated web of muscles. The spinal structure itself can only support around 35 pounds of pressure. We need the help of all the attached muscles, like ropes around the mast of a ship, to bear weight.
  • Strengthen your core – deepens abdominal and lower body coordinated strength. Then, led by a calm mind, acting within a harmonious posture, we let gravity automatically trigger our deep postural muscles to maintain uprightness naturally.

See: Help for back pain, Arthritis Foundation

Part I. Saturdays, September 23 & October 7: 09h00 - 11h30, CHF 125.-
Part II. Saturdays, 2018: To be scheduled

Limited participants. In English & French.

Facilitators: Peter Francis & Claire C Cunneen, see Staff
7, Rue Ferdinand-Hodler, central Geneva, Map

To register: Click here or call: 022 347 7588

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