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About the practitioner - Clair Cunneen
Feng Shui

About the practitioner
Claire C Cunneen holds a BA in Art History and is a graduate from the American School of Classical Feng Shui. She is a practicing Qigong healer and Wellness coach with extensive teaching experience.

Claire’s approach to Feng Shui is rooted in her 30-year study of Qi. She has learned from several experts of Feng Shui and has advanced studies with Taoist masters emphasizing the development of intuitive and healing skills. This integral foundation has led her to develop an in-depth familiarity and understanding of the I Ching, the foundation of classical Feng Shui practice. She has worked to counsel architectural planning of new building constructions, major & minor renovations as well as landscaping projects including rock gardens and waterworks. She has applied her Feng Shui analysis to small apartments and large estates, for individual homes and businesses, and for medical offices and movement studios.

Claire’s approach is practical and user-friendly. She often uses Feng Shui as a complementary practice to Constructive Life Guidance coaching and healing (see AcuCentre). (For more about Claire, see: Staff & About your coach).