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Feng Shui for Health
Feng Shui for Health works on supporting our total health: physical and financial, mental and spiritual as well as social (see the Five Healths). It is based on a harmonious and constructive relationship with our environment, using all the good natural resources available. How we relate to our environment has obvious features such as how we orient ourselves in relationship to the sunlight, and subtler levels pertaining to the particular flow of Qi in the space around us. The daily environment of our houses, apartments, and offices already provides shelter from harsh weather and many other useful functions. However, certain elements and spatial organizations can also subtly drain our vitality or act against our current needs or goals. The principles of Feng Shui help us organize a supportive environment that inspires us toward balance and health. Spending time in a well-designed space gently and continuously reflects back support for our constructive life, strengthening us to take the necessary actions to achieve our goals.

With Feng Shui, we can design a place more conducive to rest or work, fostering solitary activity or social exchange, storage or display; that supports our home or business life. We can also make design adjustments reflecting the special character of an individual, group or business.

When to request a Feng Shui analysis

• When you plan to make major renovations in your home or place of business

• Before you rent or purchase a property, to fully evaluate its Feng Shui potential

• Before you sell a property, to make sure that the property offers an attractive Qi field

• If you experience a chronic illness or health issue (see also AcuCentre), or a business downturn (see also Life Coaching), to ensure that where you live or work is supportive of a successful recovery

• If you experience ongoing difficulties in your personal, family or work life, an improved Feng Shui of your home or business can provide you with additional support (see also Life Coaching)