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A Feng Shui Consultation - practical details

You may be interested in a Feng Shui consultation because you would like to support specific life, business, or career goals (see Life Coaching). You also might simply wish to create a supportive environment connected to the plentiful resources of nature (see What is Qi?). Or you are already working with some type of energy healing or Chinese medicine (adjusting your internal energy environment) and wish to apply the same energetic understanding to organize your external environment to support your health goals. In all these situations, I will discuss the most suitable way to proceed. Below are general guidelines describing the steps of a standard Feng Shui consultation.

Making an appointment
Feng Shui consultations are generally available within 80 km from Geneva, Switzerland. For locations outside this radius, I may charge additional travel fees, suggest a referral, or consider whether long distance service might be appropriate. Contact us to make an appointment.

Standard Schedule
After having discussed your needs, I will arrange to visit your location. Visits lasts from one to two and a half hours for large locations.

First Visit : During this visit I will collect all information including on-site impressions, floor plan and survey, and take photos of important details.

Report : Based on the information collected, I generate a detailed report containing the Feng Shui analysis of the location with suggestions for modifications. The report is comprehensive, practical, and specially tailored to respond to your particular needs and concerns.

Second visit : I tour the location and discuss the content of the report with you and help you understand how to apply the suggested modifications. The report is yours; I also keep a copy for our future reference.

I may also suggest a partial, focused consultation of one visit of up to 2 hours in specific situations.


  • All information, floor plans and photos are kept strictly confidential.

Fee schedule
Fees include transportation to the location (within 80 kilometers of Geneva), and a standard hourly rate for visits, phone contact and report generation. It takes between 6 - 15 total hours to complete a full Feng Shui survey for a standard home.

After we worked out all the changes together for my house, I felt
different. I have also practiced your prescribed meditation. My son
loves his new room, and my partner has moved back in! - BW

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