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How to prepare for a Feng Shui consultation
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How to prepare for a Feng Shui consultation

1. Determine your needs :

  • Clarify your purpose, questions and needs in requesting a Feng Shui consultation.

2. Gather information :

• Property address : Submit the exact address of the property you would like to be examined including directions for access.

• Floor plan : Provide an accurate, scaled, floor plan, detailing the placement of doors and windows. On the plan, designate the function of each space (e.g.: living room, master bedroom, accounting office, CEO’s office, storage, closets, bathroom, etc.). In case of a private house, submit the property survey as well. If you are unable to submit an adequate floor plan, you can request that your Feng Shui practitioner take all measurements and constitute a workable floor plan for an additional fee.

• Building / house information : Provide the date when the house or commercial building was first occupied (usually when the initial construction was completed) as well as the dates of all successive major renovations (such as internal or external structural changes, addition or removal of windows and doors, etc.). Usually this information can be gathered at your local town hall.

• Personal information : For a family’s residence, provide the date of birth of the occupants, most importantly of the parents. For a place of business, provide the date of birth of the business owner(s), CEO or top manager.

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