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  Acupuncture ⚈
Chinese medicine ⚈ Qigong
Nutrition ⚈ Wellness coaching

Chi Rivers provides integral health care at AcuCentre, education & training through our Classes & Activities, individual support with our coaching program, and stress management, health regeneration & personal development through Learning Qigong.

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Current classes & workshops:

Qigong for Back Pain - Customized exercise and hands-on instruction to ease pain & tension, rebuild a strong, healthy back. Sept 23 & Oct 7
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Eight Treasures Qigong
- Movement & meditation providing powerful support for total health.
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Spice up your long life ! Special spice blends to boost immunity, promote good mood, nourish the brain & vision, etc. Saturday, October 14
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Clinical services:

AcuCentre -offers complete Chinese medical, health & wellness services in central Geneva. For more information or to make an appointment - contact us.
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  Common conditions:
Fertility challenges
Heart disease
Immunity issues
Head, neck, back & joint pain
Stress syndromes
Menopause & menstrual trouble
Fatigue & burn-out - regeneration
Stop smoking, wieght loss
Gastrointestinal troubles

Five Element Life Coaching to help you achieve your goals.
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Feng Shui creates a more supportive environment at home or at work.
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This is very exciting. It is exactly what I had been wishing for
(and I) find it here, in Geneva! - GS

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