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Join us in welcoming 2018

The Year of the Earth Dog
A celebration of the New Year by the ancient Taoist calendar

This coming year's influences are characterized by the interaction of two Yang Earth energies.

Come to learn what to expect from the 2018 Dog and join in a meditative ritual to renew and enrich body, mind & spirit and a potluck feast (bring some healthy, vegetarian food you would like to share to start-up the new cycle).

Like a farmer knowing the climate to come can prepare soil and choose plants to best prosper in the given conditions, to understand the energy of the year allows one to be prepared. To ready ourselves accordingly, we will touch on how this year’s energy climate will affect mental & physical health, finances, relationships, and social & political events.

Learn more at our New Year’s event and in great details in our Five Healths workshop series this Spring and in our Five Element Feng Shui workshop led by Dr Ni coming this Summer.


(No fee, bring a vegetarian dish to share)

Sunday, February 11th, 10h30-13h00
RSVP by Wednesday, February 7th
Contact us or call 022 347 7588
Location: Chi Rivers, 7 rue Ferdinand-Hodler, 1207 Geneva

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The Taoist energetic calendar
by Claire C Cunneen

Most ancient cultures read the sky to evolve useable systems of forecast like the old farmers' almanac. The ancient Chinese were no different. Based on a profound understanding of nature, the Taoist energy calendar functions like a subtle weather forecast, including the seasonal changes as well as the more subtle cosmic influences of planets and stars that affect our planet.

This energy calendar translates the cosmic energy shifts into metaphors illustrating the unique qualities that come with each new period of time. For example, most of us have heard of the 12 animals of the “Chinese zodiac". Each animal is a metaphor indicating certain tendencies that will prevail in that year's time.

The view presented by the Taoist energy calendar is built around the interaction of two families of influences. The well-known "zodiacal" animals represent the branch or earthly character of the particular period with each animal always accompanied by its stem or heavenly influence that gives it a unique character. The interaction between the stem and the branch gives us a more complete insight about the nature of each time period.

The Taoist energy calendar is closely connected to the I Ching, the ancient binary system of recording reality and its changes. More than forecasting tools, both these systems help us develop intuition and a comprehensive knowledge of life, training our mind to complement and balance an inteilectual approach and systematically ground it with a broad understanding of the given context.

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