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Winter spring classes  

Active individuals know how to build their own playbook for aging well. A full, vibrant and independent life requires good health, physical and mental. Staying vital and connected supports designing a purposeful life. Change Yourself, Change Your Life provides a comprehensive approach to living a meaningful life in an immersive three-day workshop with five programs covering each of the Five Healths in your life: physical, mind, relationship, career, and finance. Each program includes applied Qigong & meditation practices that bring the concepts of Five Elements to life in a highly interactive, enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.



Ultimate Mind Health Program
Are you the driver of your mind or is your mind the driver of your life? If you are not in control of your mind then it may be difficult to manifest what you want in your life. The mind consists of mental states that may be fully conscious or unconscious: it includes all your intellectual capabilities, intuition, emotions, beliefs and attitudes. The purpose of the Ultimate Mind Health program is to integrate all of these various mental states into one effective, well-functioning whole. Based on the ancient Five Elements paradigm, this section will provide you with tools to help you tap into the potential of your mind, cultivate intuition and enhance your mind-body connection. As you become mindful of how your thought patterns and mental state have influenced your life, you can use your new understanding and mastery to achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle. We will also provide you with skills for reducing stress, increasing concentration and improving mental and emotional well-being so that you can enjoy moving forward with better clarity, calm and effectiveness.

Ultimate Relationship Health Program
Relationships are essential for personal growth, health and a truly joyful life. The Ultimate Relationship Health Program will help you discover your own Element Personality and show how a thorough understanding of different types of elemental personalities can support your own ability to cultivate unconditional love and acceptance. This section will supply you with tools for clear communication, transforming common issues between people, and overcome any issues you may have with trust. You will consider your own friendships, intimate relationships and relationships at work. You will learn how to make use of the Five Elements Paradigm to interact with others and manage conflicts effectively and compassionate with insights and confidence in your ability to create fulfilling relationships.

Ultimate Financial Health Program
Healthy finances give you the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you want to lead and the ability to share your good fortune with others. The Ultimate Financial Health Program will coach you in the attributes of your personal Element in order to help you understand how your Element relates to money and financial matters. You will learn and cultivate the spiritual laws of abundance that will draw positive energy into  your life, develop good financial practices and habits and apply the power of sharing as important parts of an overall wellness strategy. You will receive tools to help you measure your financial fitness, clarify your financial goals, and develop a strategy for achieving your financial dreams. This section will start you taking steps towards your financial wellness.

Ultimate Work/Career Health Program
Everyone has a gift. When you discover your personal gift, you will be able to spend the rest of your life sharing it with others. This fundamental principle of the Ultimate Work/Career Health Program will help you see that your work is the daily spiritual expression of your being and of your life purpose. We will help you discover your own natural gifts, abilities and passions based upon a deeper understanding of your personal Element and help you evaluate whether your current path is leading you to an ultimate expression of yourself.  You will determine what is important to you, including a lifestyle and work environment and then show you how to find opportunities that will help you actualize your full potential. You will complete this section with a specific action plan, including tangible next steps that you can take in order to find work that you love… that is aligned with your Life purpose.

Ultimate Physical health program
Physical well-being affects every facet of your life. Your quality of life is in direct proportion to the level of your physical health. The Ultimate Physical Health Program will lead you on an exploration of a new paradigm of self-care in which you learn about your personal Element, your corresponding constitutional strengths and weaknesses and how to prevent and lower your risk of common predisposed illnesses. You will learn about diet and nutrition that is specific to your personal Element and explore Chinese herbal formulas that are customized for you. You will discover how everyday choices affect your well-being and happiness and identify actions that boost your immune system and increase your energy, vitality and lifespan. We will teach you specific chi gong practices to optimize your Element health and show you how to release stress and sleep better. You will complete this section with a personalized plan and goals that are both life affirming and health giving.

Drawing from over 30 years of clinical & life coaching experience and the 5,000-year-old tradition of Chinese medicine, Dr. Mao’s integrative solutions, based on the I Ching principle of change, empowers men & women to take charge of the revitalization and rejuvenation of their body, mind, and spirit. In this fun and innovative workshop, Dr. Mao inspires participants to embrace their gift of longevity by purposefully engaging more time each day doing things that are good for themselves and for others.



To register and reserve your room online , click here or call us at 022 347 75 88.
30 hour intensive workshop
Thursday, July 27pm (7 pm) - Sunday, July 30 (5 pm)



Dr. Mao Shing Ni is a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and board-certified anti-aging specialist. He is the co-founder of Yo San University and the Tao of Wellness, award-winning centers for acupuncture and integrative medicine with offices in Southern California. Dr. Mao has written several best-selling books, including Secrets of Longevity, Secrets of Self-Healing and Second Spring, His newest book, Live Your Ultimate Life, brings the secrets of the I Ching to the modern age by exploring how you can use your Five Element personalities—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water—to optimize your physical and mental health as well as your relationships, careers and finances. Dr. Mao has been featured on Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Katie Couric as well as an expert on numerous popular websites. He teaches workshops around the world on Living Your Ultimate Life.

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This event is helpful for all individuals interested in personal development, optimum health and contemplating or going through life change. This workshop is both interactive and contemplative and provides step-by-step process for self-discovery, purpose defining, and goal alignment. The take away from the workshop is clarity of self, purpose and practical knowledge with simple steps to manifest optimum health in all areas of one’s life. It’s an opportunity to apply ancient Taoist wisdom for a life of success, health and happiness.



  • How to align with your personal element as you transform your life toward purpose, passion and prosperity.
  • Develop relationship tools for clear communication, transforming common conflicts between people, and overcoming any issues you may have with trust.
  • Clarify financial goals, establish a budget and receive effective strategies, planning worksheets and practical ways to save, assess smart investment opportunities, and plan for a comfortable retirement.
  • Define your talents, interests and values so that you can establish a career roadmap and connection to clearer, more precise goals and objectives that align with your life purpose.
  • Discover how your everyday choices affect physical well being and happiness and identify actions that boost your personal element’s corresponding organ system, your immune system and increase your energy, vitality, and lifespan.
  • Receive effective strategies, discovery exercises, and yin-yang sessions plus acupressure, chi gong and stress release meditation techniques.
  • Leave the program with greater passion for your life purpose and your own actionable roadmap that accelerates you toward achieving your career goals.
  • Receive a personal Element mantra customized to each health, healthy tips PDF per health, PLUS four weeks of follow-up exercises and other content, delivered by email from Infinichi as well as an online debriefing session with Dr. Mao to reunite with Infinichi and your group to integrate your learning, have your questions answered and encourage your movement forward. You will also have access to a private Facebook group forum for conversations with fellow participants.
  • OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Participating in this series may also open the door to you discovering that you have a passion for helping others transform their lives too. If that’s the case, then completing this workshop qualifies you to attend the Infinichi Life Coaching certification program - to be scheduled in 2018 (CEU-ASCA).

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To register and reserve your room online , click here or 022 347 75 88.

30 hour intensive workshop; Thursday, July 27pm (7 pm) - Sunday, July 30 (5 pm)
Location: Château de Bossey on the lake, 1279 Bogis-Bossey

CHF 665.- / Discounted price for first thirty registrants
CHF 765.- / Late registration
(Price includes lunch & dinner from Thursday dinner - Sunday lunch)

Download Château de Bossey PDF here

Reserve your room when you register and pay Château de Bossey upon arrival:

Room options Breakfast & Bath Price/room
Twin room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Shared bath
CHF 112.- / night / 2 participants
3 nights = CHF 336.- / 2 participants
Twin room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Private bath
CHF 162.- / night / 2 participants
3 nights = CHF 486.- / 2 participants
Single room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Shared bath
CHF 79.- / night / 1 participant
3 nights = CHF 237.- / 1 participant
Single room Breakfast Friday-Sunday
Private bath
CHF 129.- / night / 1 participant
3 nights = CHF 387.- / 1 participant

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