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Constructive Life Guidance How does it work?

Constructive Life Guidance Coaching

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Do you sometimes meet obstruction, confusion or unhappiness in your life?

Constructive Life Guidance (CLG)
is a powerful method for change based on balanced development. It helps you gain more clarity about your life and your potential (see: Five Healths) and empowers you to transform what might prevent you from achieving your goals; it gives you a step-by-step method with practical tools to organize your direction constructively and manifest your life successfully.

Through this flexible program, you might:

• Find support during trying times and life transitions

• Identify a clear, realistic path toward your goals

• Improve your total health, balance and poise

• Better integrate and channel your creative efforts

• Increase your ability to apply new strategies and to lead

This coaching program integrates a wide array of Qigong, stress management & visualization methods (see Learning Qigong) and can be used in concert with therapeutic support (see Acucentre).

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