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Constructive Life Guidance - CLG coaching in practice
Constructive Life Guidance

Stories of coaching in practice

Surviving a traumatic event or break-up
Traumas are very disruptive. They break our internal harmony and can create negative patterning. To first re-establish a sense of stability, the coachee might schedule easy routines bringing comfort & security (meditation, nature walk, warm bath, etc.) as well as regular coaching sessions and e-mail exchange. As a next step, we may choose to break through frozen life patterns connected with the traumatic event and design a strategy involving a self-strengthening affirmation or visualization, deep breathing and / or gentle movement (Qigong). These structured activities give the person the opportunity to gradually rebuild the inner confidence necessary to reclaim all their experience and reorganize life in a positive way. In parallel, work with a holistic or mental healthcare professional might be suggested.

Implementing changes
We may decide to change career or to modify our habits or lifestyle. Change of any sort, of direction or approach, means exploring new territory. The more we understand our needs, strengths, and goals, the better we can apply ourselves to our newly chosen direction. The template of the Five Healths will inspire us to explore a full spectrum of who we are and of what we want. The coachee will be guided to take bite-size, manageable steps to implement organically the chosen plan and to use tools to unblock creative drive and support commitment. Three to six months of coaching is often necessary to establish a meaningful new direction or have meaningful changes take hold.

Finding our way
We may find ourselves out of work or transplanted to a foreign country, sometimes feeling disoriented or without purpose. Whether change is the fruit of our own decisions or it is coming to us seemingly of its own accord, we need the flexibility to let go of the past and the resources to re-invent ourselves to navigate the future. The integral approach of this program offers a fully supportive space where we can re-orient ourselves. It provides an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to wider resources as we face change and start afresh. Such a transition may also be a good time to introduce new life habits such as a supportive diet and regular exercise (see Fundamental Features).

Down to business
For a leader or a business team, the in-depth perspective of the CLG may helps uncover unexpressed strengths that can be channeled toward a particular goal or hidden obstacles that can be accounted for, avoided or dissolved, bringing fuller and more long-lasting accomplishment.

CGL coaching is an educational process transmitting personally significant self-management skills with appropriate planning and concrete implementation. However it does not replace therapeutic intervention. Referrals to various health professionals are part of the process.

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