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Fundamental features

Constructive Life Guidance
Fundamental features

An integral approach
The CLG coaching program integrates East and West, modern and ancient, left and right brain, reflection and action, in order to help you regain balance and power.

The tools of this program come from a distillation of ancient wisdom organized thru the lens of modern science and psychology. According to any given need, some of the following methods might be used.

Partnership for change: Understanding that the internal balance of your whole being is the key factor of optimum performance and health, you and your coach explore the mutually supportive physical, mental-emotional, relational, financial and spiritual spheres of your life (see the Five Healths), select methods and build a map to help transform problems into projects with a clear path to accomplishment.

The Five Elements assessment: Based on the Five Elements & Yin-Yang theories of Chinese medicine, this assessment evaluates your "constitutional type" and assesses your style of expression in life as well as the areas that need rebalancing.

Tools for balancing

• Meditation: the coach might guide you in special meditations and visualizations specific to your purpose, for instance to relieve stress, build your internal strength, or to awaken your intuition and inner motivation. For more on self-management, see: Qigong

• Acupressure: we use protocols based on the system of energy flow of Chinese medicine that are designed to release specific emotional blockages. We apply a gentle activation of chosen acupuncture points to transform blocked energy into an agent of change.

• Transformational Healing: these subtly guided meditations help dissolve emotional trauma and deeply-held blockages & support internal transformation and self-strengthening. (See Transformational Healing)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that
you've done for me. You've shared your energy and your learning
to help me on this path. Because of you, I have a better grip
on myself and care about myself. - VF