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Constructive Life Guidance How does it work?

Constructive Life Guidance
How does it work?


Getting started
You will set up a free initial interview (Contact) so that we can mutually assess our working potential. We will consider what particular issue(s) you wish to work on, the general context as well as your schedule and commitment to the process, and discuss how to tailor a coaching program for you combining reflection with concrete action.

A large tree grows from a tiny sprout.
A terrace nine stories high rises from a shovelful of earth.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Thus one of integral virtue never sets about grandiose things,
yet he is able to achieve great things.
- Tao Teh Jing, ch 64, translated by Hua Ching Ni

If together we find out that rebalancing your physical health is a cornerstone for your purpose, I may refer you to a holistic or allopathic health care provider. According to need or interest, targeted Feng Shui consultation can also be included.


All assessments, information and exchanges are kept completely confidential. Following your lead, I am also happy to coordinate our work with a health care provider, teacher or adviser of your choice.

Flexible arrangements
My fees are based on an hourly rate. Besides weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions, I also use telephone time and e-mail exchange in between sessions. For long distance coaching, I work with Skype teleconferencing.

The programs that we design together are learning tools: gradually, you learn to walk the walk. As we move forward, we re-assess the work together to decide when sessions can be scheduled with longer intervals, when a series is concluded, or when a "check-up" might be appropriate.

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