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About your coach - Claire C Cunneen


My coaching style
My goal is to facilitate the growth process whereby each person reconnects with their inner strength and engages the dedication fitting their unique situation. I have coached in many situations such as modifying dietary habits or implementing lifestyle changes, learning new skills, improving athletic or artistic performance, healing emotional wounds, managing chronic pain or stress, negotiating a peaceful end of life or adapting to a new culture.

Personal journey
My own path led me to cross cultures, from Switzerland to the US where I lived, studied and worked and where I met my husband of 27 years. I have always had a particular interest in the creative process. This initially led me to study art history while pursuing my childhood passion of creative dance and improvisational movement. Coming to New York City in the early eighties to follow this passion, I began studying and eventually trained as an Alexander technique teacher (performance coaching), exploring how set habits of being bypass the creative response and how modifying these set habits can positively influence our life.

I have a strong empathy with the ancient cultures and traditions of the Far East and their direct relationship with the natural world. This, along with my interest in the relationship between movement and the intention that guides it led me to study Tai Chi and Qigong, motivated me to train as a Qigong therapist and eventually as a Constructive Life Guidance coach. Through my training with Qi, I discovered three things: that we truly live in a world of tremendous abundance, that this abundance is available to each person through her or his positively guided purpose, and that the means we choose to achieve our ends (what we do) most significantly determine our actual destination. (see: Staff & Feng Shui / About your practitioner).

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Coaching with Claire has been quite illuminating. She has both
enhanced insight and additional tools to help people. - DS